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‘African Sanctus’

Saturday 4th April 2020, 7:30 pm, Ely Cathedral.

Coronavirus pandemic: We regret to inform you that Ely Choral Society has postponed its activities for the remainder of this season on account of the coronavirus outbreak.

Our next concert ‘African Sanctus’ was to have been performed on Saturday 4th April 2020 at 7:30 pm in Ely Cathedral. We hope to be able to perform this work at some time in the future.

African Sanctus is a wonderful setting of the Latin Mass harmonised with traditional African music collected by the legendary composer David Fanshawe on his many journeys up the River Nile.  He wanted to create a work that would praise God by combining traditional African music with western music of his own composition.

The ‘pop’ rhythms and electric instruments add an extra layer above the recorded tribal music. The programme is completed by performances by the percussion quartet and a group of African songs sung by Ely Youth Choir.